Level 1 Official Veterinarian Course

We are pleased to inform you that the Level 1 Official Veterinarian Course is now available on FEI Campus. This course will give PTVs a specific training on the Veterinary Services Manager’s role. It must be taken in the following cases:

      PTVs wishing to work as VSMs after 1 July 2022; and

      PTVs wishing to be promoted to Level 2 Official Veterinarian, Endurance Official Veterinarian or Endurance Veterinary Treating Official.

If a PTV has already been accepted a VSM on the schedule of an event taking place after 1 July 2022, please make sure they complete the course and examination before the start of the event.

The applicants will send the attached form to your NF. Please verify that the applicants have at least 3 years of equine veterinary experience (we are meaning professional experience, not number of years as PTVs).

Once you approve the application, please go to the online enrolment form and select the PTVs from the dropdown menu. That action will send a confirmation of enrolment to the applicants and make the course and examination appear on their FEI Campus Dashboard, as shown below:

Kindly note that the online enrolment form is only accessible to the NF staff members who have the role « NF Vet Official Admin ». Please contact me, should your staff member be unable to access the enrolment form.

The course can be taken at the applicant’s convenience. The number of attempts at the examination is unlimited.

The passing of the examination will generate an ID card that can be downloaded from the FEI Database profile.

Level 2/3/4 Official Veterinarians, Endurance Official Veterinarians and Endurance Veterinary Treating Officials are not required to take this course to work as VSMs.

Once a PTV is listed as Level 1 Official Veterinarian, they can immediately apply for transfer up to Level 2 OV, EOV or EVT.

Please do not hesitate to Anne Saez anne.saez@fei.org, should you have any question regarding the Level 1 Official Veterinarian Course.

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Level 1 Official Veterinarian Course

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